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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept behind Sweet Natalie's?

Sweet Natalie's is a bake shop that sells products from a select group of talented and local specialty bakers. We are a group of small businesses working together to bring our customers a unique experience. All producers involved in Sweet Natalie's utilize dedicated, gluten free facilities for production.

Is Sweet Natalie's a nut free facility?

Sweet Natalie's is only a dedicated, gluten free facility. We are not a nut free facility and cross contamination can occur.

How often do you have fresh bread?

The days we have fresh bread in stock varies by season and the schedules of our various bakers. We always have breads available in our freezer section.

What flour blend do you use?

Many of our products are made using a blend of flours that include sweet white and brown rice. There are some other flours used such as almond, cassava (tapioca), coconut and millet. Ingredients are listed on products or available on this website for review.

Do you offer specialty cakes or wedding cakes?

We often offer special pies and cakes for pre-order around holidays. We do not offer custom birthday cakes or wedding cakes. If you have a party, please choose from items we have in stock. We keep cupcakes and a variety of party cakes in our freezer section. These can also be ordered online from our pick up menu.

Do you have any other locations?

No. Sweet Natalie's has one location. Our original location was in Geneva, IL. We moved to the Wheaton location in 2019.

Do you deliver or ship products?

We do not currently ship any of our gluten free desserts.

Is your facility certified gluten free?

Sweet Natalie's is not certified gluten free. However, all of our baked goods are produced in dedicated, gluten free kitchens. Many of the prepackaged items we sell are certified gluten free. Please check the labels of prepackaged items if you have any questions.

Do you offer vegan products?

We offer many vegan, gluten free desserts. You can be assured that our specialty bakers follow strict guidelines to ensure no animal or animal by-products are used in the creation of their delicious, baked goods. Please see our ingredients list on this page for further information.

What is the shelf life of products?

Fresh baked goods are best consumed within 3 days but some of our goodies can last longer. Keeping your items refrigerated after purchase is advised. Airtight containers can prolong shelf life as well. Items from our freezer section can be frozen for two or more months. Check packaging of our shelf stable and frozen items for additional information.

What is your allergen statement?

Our shop is a dedicated, gluten free facility. All products sold here are gluten free and handled only in a dedicated, gluten free environment. We are NOT a nut free facility. We do offer products that are “free of” other common food allergens including: dairy/milk, soy, corn and eggs. However, our store is not dedicated to be free from these allergens. Products are sold and handled in this facility that contain these allergens and cross contamination is possible. Those with serious food allergies must purchase baked items and prepared foods at their own risk. Please see our ingredients list on this page for more information.

Sweet Natalie's

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